Hello there,

All I can say is that I had a vision and I'm working on my plan to make a difference and be impactful. I like many women out there are Plus Sized. But that term never sat well with me, for to me that meant exclusion, isolation and a whole world of torment from everyday life. Trips to buy clothing although desired was a frumpy, flat what where they thinking experience. I didn't look like other girls or ladies, I felt aged beyond my years and settled for styles because they fit not because I loved them.

Well I have learnt over the years to embrace having Curves and being Curvy. I use the term Curvaceously Gifted. To me it means forgiving and accepting myself, embracing my strengths, the powers and resilience I bounce back from. No more harsh words, I choose to practice being assertive about what I want and to others around me, not have my size hold me back from enjoying life. It's not an easy thing working on yourself, yes blips and set backs may happen, but that won't stop me from achieving my goals, desires and dreams.

Houglass Fashion is the start of everything i wish to accomplish, bringing quality pantyhose styles to ladies who need them is not just a need but a must.

Later Lovelies!!! 


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